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Born 1975 in Portimão, Portugal

Born 1975 in Portimão, Portugal

“Every picture tells a story” is not a quote of mine, but it transmits what I feel when I am out with a camera trying to record the beauty of nature, her mood, her spirit.

Since an early age I have been attracted to the outdoors, open spaces, free to do “whatever” I wanted, running, climbing trees… Following such desire, combining with the love of sport, I started skateboarding and around 2006 I started to capture my friends doing tricks with a point-and-shoot 1.3 mp Sony camera. That’s how I started photography. After awhile I bought my first SLR ( Single Lens Reflex ) digital camera and began an never-ending learning process into the art of photography.

Soon I became aware I was lacking something in digital photography and that was the very basics of photography. During my learning process I discovered the work of the great photographers such as Ansel Adams, Edward and Brett Weston, Clyde Butcher, Ruth Bernhard, Joe Cornish, Elliot Porter, Irving Penn, Helmut Newton, Brassai… to name a few, and to my amusement I discovered they were using film cameras as means to transmit their feelings.

Soon, I found myself learning how to use film cameras and all the processes involved, from recording an image, developing the film, make an enlargement and mounting the final print in a “traditional” way.

The analog approach provided what I needed to think and observe before I released the shutter and with that approach in mind, it allowed me to return to the basics and their techniques needed to take a picture, something that the ”old masters” were using with fantastic results.

In a sense I consider myself a loner, as such the serenity of nature/landscape has always attracted me. Every journey outdoors presents a challenge yet always a gratifying one, to be able to relate with nature. I never know, what she wants to tell me!.

I am attracted to vast scenic landscapes as to details,’s just amazing how everything relates one with another, their harmony, drama, beauty combined with a “special” light is what makes me stop.

I shoot mainly with medium format cameras and black & white film . This is a combination that I think I can better interpret our world. But I am open to learn other techniques and sometimes  the digital methods are of great help, lately  I have started to explore them better. Most of my pictures are shot within an hours drive of my home.

Over these years I have had the privilege to study with great photographers, friends and mentors like Nanã Sousa Dias, John Sexton, and Bruce Barnbaum.

I hope you enjoy looking at the landscape as I interpret it.